FAG "Los Cofres" con F-51D

Buenas dias todos! Tengo una a pregunta para “los quetzales” y el Mustang. Que es el emblem?Quetzales%20logo%20JPEG. Que colores, por ejemplo?

Estoy un modelador de plástico en Inglaterra

Hello! and welcome to the forum… As you already know, the Quetzal squad (escuadrilla Quetzal" belonged to the Guatemalan Air Force; for that reason, we don’t have much information about the acrobatic team.

Even so, we already made the respective consultations with our Guatemalan friends. So, while we wait for your response, you can visit this facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Kaibiles-Fuerza-elite-ejercito-de-Guatemala-y-soldados-regulares-314431832021667/ where you can find some photographs like these:



Or you can also ask them directly on the website: www.laahs.com, facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LatamAviationHistory/


Thank you Mario. I appreciate that. I actually all of these images and more. I am sorry but I didnt realise that you were not in Guatemala. I hope you can help. My reference is the excellent video on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykCGvS2Dm4M&list=PL6iUuChIv-DhSP2vTJTipUF8NdvVBRgaX&index=7&app=desktop. Kindest regards, Martin

From Guatemala … They are looking for a color picture. !


Badge of “Los Cofres” Aerobatic Team, Guatemalan Air Force. It was worn on the flight jackets and was painted on the aircraft.

Wow, Mario! You are a star! Thank you so much. A plan view would be useful if that isn’t being too greedy ;). This is fantastic! ;). It is a shame that the badge is obscured by the aircraft drawing. Never mind. I will draw it using this as a base.



One thing, Mario. It looks like the profiles come from a publication (book/magazine). Could you ask which one? Thanks again.


Hola Mario @Mario_A , I was just wondering if you managed find the plan view of the “Los Cofres” Mustangs too? I will be starting that Mustang soon and having the most accurate design for the markings will be the best. If not, maybe yo can ask your friends at LAAHS? I have posted a question there but I have no answer. Thank you.

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With the apologies for the delay … We are also waiting for the images :confused:

No problem, Mario. Thank you for trying. I appreciate that.

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